Fusion Network Solutions was established in early-2017. The initial goal was to form a company that employees wanted to work for and that clients wanted to work with. What started as a two-person business has since grown into a team of 11 highly-driven field techs and project co-ordinators, who take pride in executing what they know and have a passion for learning the things they don't.

Our team has gained a broad amount of experience on many telecommunications carrier networks and are ready to work with clients who are looking for the right delivery partner to meet their needs.


"Develop an elite team to deliver exceptional service"



Our people take pride in what they do and who they represent. With that pride comes a much better quality of work for our clients.


It is important for our team to have a passion for what they are doing. We feel that if our employees are passionate about their role, they will perform it to the best of their abilities.


Our reputation is of huge importance. Having a good reputation of reliability and honesty and one that precedes us is critical to our growth and forming sound working relationships with our clients


Some days are harder than others. We encourage our team to think outside of the box and find a way to deliver for our clients, while maintaining a mind for health & safety.


Every workplace rates staff on their performance. We offer our team the tools and support to give them the best chance to perform their work safely, efficiently and above our client's standards.


Our people are our biggest asset. We look after them, encourage them, support them and provide them with opportunities to thrive in their role. The health & safety of our people is our greatest priority. Development of our team is where we begin. If we have the best people, we form the best relationships with our clients.